Latelie Beautiful Localhands donn mwa enn lespas kot mo lib pou explor mo pasion ek devlop bann nouvo prodwi.

The Beautiful Localhands workshop provides me with a space to freely explore my passion and develop new products.

Florance developed a passion for handicraft at a very young age. She was inspired to follow in her mother’s footsteps after watching her sew and make creative decorative items out of seashells. A self-taught craft maker, she developed her skills without any support or guidance.

She started by making small decorative items from seashells, then launched a small side business of handcrafted wooden decorative items. She created keys, cups and tea towel holders with painted wood pallet and sold them in craft markets.

Florance joined the Beautiful Localhands in 2013 to improve her skills and learn new craft and business techniques in order to upgrade her little business.

At the upcycling workshop in Bambous, she created her own collection of products from recycled cork. Florance gets her used corks from hotels and wine stores and transforms them into beautiful placemats, coasters, keyrings and many other decorative items.

The workshop gave her a space where she could freely explore her creativity and passion, and develop her potential. During her years at Beautiful Localhands, Florance learned many new craft techniques, upgraded her skills and developed her self-confidence.

Artisan Highlight

Telephone number: 54748275
Product category: Upcycling
Region: Bambous
Place of work: Bambous Workshop

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