Marie Liseby


Mo ti enn dimounn timid, mo ti ena enn pasion pou lartizana me zame mo ti kwar mo ti ena potansiel pou fer mo talan vinn enn metie. Gras a Beautiful Localhands, monn devlop enn konfians dan momem ek mo potansiel.

I was a very shy person with a passion for handicraft but never believed that I had the potential to make a living out of my talent. Beautiful Localhands has helped me gain confidence in myself and my potential.

Liseby had had a keen interest in crafts since she was a child. She used to make her own earrings from any kind of materials she could find at home, including buttons, fabrics or strings.

In 2008, she joined Beautiful Localhands incubator in Pierrefonds, where she developed her business skills and learned many craft techniques, such as sewing, pottery making and working with coconut shells.

Before joining the project, she was very shy and underestimated her own talent and skills. She was unable to talk to clients the first time she attended an exhibit sale.

Today, Liseby has grown into a diligent and dedicated artisan. She is full of self-confidence and at the workshop, she is among the first ones to welcome visitors with a warm smile and share with them anecdotes about her crafts and passions.

Artisan Highlight

Telephone number: 54566409
Product category: Coconut/Wood
Region: Bambous
Place of work: Home

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  • Christmas decoration
  • Photo frame