Mo ena bokou bon souvenir Beautiful Localhands, sa proze la inn amenn mwa enn soutien finansie me osi enn soutien moral.

I have many great memories of Beautiful Localhands, a project that offered me both financial and emotional support.

Rolania was an ordinary dressmaker when she joined Beautiful Localhands in 2008. She wanted to learn new handicraft techniques. She became involved with an incubator for coconut and wood crafting techniques implemented at Poudre d’Or, where she learned to make handicraft items from coconut shells.

Through Beautiful Localhands, she has learned the delicate and complex techniques of making decorative, jewellery and souvenir items. With the financial backing secured through the project, she started her own workshop at home, where she creates collections of products mixing coconut and textile bases. Rolania has also grown personally and gained a significant amount of confidence with the help and support she received from fellow artisans and the encouraging project environment.


She is now a confident, talented and independent artisan who loves creating new collections of products for her clients. She spends most of her time in her workshop, completely absorbed by the creation of unique local and eco-friendly items.

Artisan Highlight

Telephone number: 59087104
Product category: Textile
Region: Poudre D’or Hamlet
Place of work: Home

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