Beautiful Localhands Workshop

The workshop in Bambous forms part of Beautiful Localhands’ mission to empower underprivileged talent. The facility is used by local craftworkers for production, product development and as a space for socialisation. It is a fully equipped with all the necessary tools to develop their skills. The workshop has a flexible structure, without set working hours to enable the beneficiaries to set their own schedule. This system is designed to help those who would have difficulties to cope with the demands of a conventional business enterprise, such as elderly women and the disabled, to earn an income. It is also a platform where vulnerable individuals are offered the possibility of coming out of isolation, by sharing their experiences and concerns with others and in turn, improving their self-esteem. This project now comprises three operational workshops with approximately 20 beneficiaries.

The workshop is also set up to receive and welcome visitors on weekdays. Tour operators or individual group of tourists frequently call in to get an authentic local experience during their stay on the island. The guided visits offer a behind-the-scene perspective of the production, the artisans and their stories. Visitors can observe the artisans performing their crafts and interact with them by asking questions about who they are or the techniques they use. To cap it all off, there is a sales corner where visitors can purchase a souvenir as a memento of their experience at the Beautiful Localhands workshop.

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